Bevelling is a versatile way to embellish and accentuate the natural beauty and texture of wood, adding a touch of originality and expressiveness. The staining process involves preparing the surface by sanding and cleaning so that the colour start adheres evenly and correctly.

After applying the colour a protective layer of varnish or transparent wax is applied to maintain the beauty and durability of the applied colour.

Staining wood by bathing can be a wonderful way to bring life and personality to furniture and integrate it into the design of the home and the space in which it is involved.

Brushed wood has an old, rustic look and a unique texture. This technique involves brushing the surface of the wood with a metal brush in the direction of the wood grain, which removes the soft wood, leaving the hard grain of the resinous vermilion.

Thanks to the texture and the specific finish, brushed wood furniture can effectively hide scratches and signs of wear and tear, giving it a durable and long-lasting appearance.

The waxed finish adds a touch of elegance and quality to the furniture, while providing protection and restoring the natural look of the wood.By applying wax the furniture will be protected against damage caused by moisture, scratches or stains and the wood will continue to breathe.

The wax will create a thin, natural layer that highlights the beauty and texture of the wood, while providing a pleasant feel to the touch.

It is important to mention that waxed furniture requires regular maintenance.

Mobile painting allows you to create an individual and personalised look. You can choose specific colours from the RAL or NCS palette, combinations of finishes and decorative effects to suit your desired style.

A quality paint primer applied correctly can protect furniture from everyday wear, scratches and minor damage.

This finish gives an artistic and elegant look, adding value and originality to the piece of furniture. Using different antiquing techniques such as patination, combinations of 2 or 3 colours and their discreet highlighting help us to improve the aesthetic appearance, masking the small imperfections of the furniture.