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Transilvania Forest Production – solid wood furniture manufacturer

TFP – Transilvania Forest Production is a company specialized in the cutting of wood materials and their valorization through the production of solid wood furniture.
The company focuses on processing wood in a sustainable and responsible way, including recycling and efficient use of resources, to produce high quality, sustainable and aesthetic furniture.



The company efficiently collects and recycles wood waste generated in the furniture cutting and manufacturing process. These wastes are recovered by converting them into other products or by using them to generate thermal energy.



We invest in photovoltaic panels because we want a practical, environmentally friendly energy production system that protects nature and prevents global warming.



By reusing old wood in the development of new furniture collections, we show our care for the environment and the planet’s natural resources.


Transilvania Forest Production - solid wood furniture manufacturer


The LOFT collection combines in an elegant and seductive way the old wood of 30 to 50 years or more, recovered and carefully enhanced by these unique pieces of furniture. Each beautiful saved beam has a spectacular story of survival and restoration. These old beams have always stood proud, waiting to be carefully extracted to start a new life in elegant bedrooms and living rooms and become beloved again, this time in the form of beautiful rustic furniture.


The NORDA-CH collection focuses on the sustainability of wood. The use of dry wood in the forest helps us to preserve nature and at the same time highlight the natural colour of the wood.
By adding elements specific to the Scandinavian style – the simple lines used but highlighted by the finish, the neutral and natural color palette, the highlighting of the wood texture by brushing, – has brought together in a perfect symbiosis, functionality and aesthetics, being pleasing to the eye and inducing relaxation and well-being.
In the NORDA-CH collection you will find wooden furniture that has been designed to meet the highest aesthetic demands and to provide storage space.

Transilvania Forest Production - solid wood furniture manufacturer
Transilvania Forest Production - solid wood furniture manufacturer


The NOSTA collection takes you back in time with its vintage style while maintaining a modern look. Out of passion and love for furniture we created this collection combining wood in its natural look with a frame in various colours that suits all types of homes.

Thanks to the brushed fronts, the texture of the wood fibres is greatly enhanced, which strengthens the unique style of the furniture.
The Nosta collection consists of vintage style furniture.


The RETRO collection highlights reused wood – unique, which once treated, is special for those natural asymmetrical characteristics and difficult to reproduce artificially, thus creating unique pieces of furniture.

The RETRO collection is a combination of modern style with a retro touch.
For us, the use of resources is a priority and we try to make the most of it.

Transilvania Forest Production - solid wood furniture manufacturer


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